Star Wars: Battlefront II
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It has been announced for some time that Star Wars: Battlefront II will not feature a Season Pass like its predecessor.  The much maligned system was disliked by fans and critics as a cheap way to pull more money out of gamers for an incomplete product.  EA has listened and done away with the Season Pass as well as decided to keep DLC maps and characters free.

I think Star Wars Battlefront II's multiplayer looks absolutely rad. As someone who thought the first Battlefront was too clean, almost like it was made in a hospital, the burst of life that Theed seems to provide was very welcome and makes me incredibly excited for what's next, multiplayer-wise. However, what has me interested most is the campaign: a story told from the Empire's side of things.

Disney's D23 Expo is happening all weekend, and during the Level Up livestream, a small handful of Disney games were on display. Star Wars Battlefront II was one of these games, and it received a video that focuses on the single-player campaign.