Star Wars: Battlefront II
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It has been announced for some time that Star Wars: Battlefront II will not feature a Season Pass like its predecessor.  The much maligned system was disliked by fans and critics as a cheap way to pull more money out of gamers for an incomplete product.  EA has listened and done away with the Season Pass as well as decided to keep DLC maps and characters free.

Microtransactions, however, the modern gaming invention that will not die, will still be featured in Battlefront II.  Credits will be earned in-game through playing, but you can also choose to "enhance" your progress by buying the credit.  Given how popular Star Wars is, players will bite the bullet and accept it and some will boost their profiles quickly.

DLC plans however will remain free as way to ensure players are not split up as DLC is released. One of the downfalls of Battlefront I was how DLC, being additional cost, was not bought by the entire playerbase, causing available players to split since not everyone could play on the same maps.  With the player pool smaller, matches thinned out and DLC content was sparsely populated at times.

Battlefront II's first DLC drops alongside the upcoming film The Last Jedi in December.