Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
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With less than a week before release, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy scores some positive reviews.

The reviews are beginning to pour in and the news is good for Uncharted fans. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has scored solid reviews and positive feedback from nearly every review so far.

Lost Legacy Reviews


  • Gamespot - 9/10
  • IGN - 7.5/10
  • Polygon - 8.5/10
  • Trusted Reviews - 5/5
  • Eurogamer - Recommended
  • The Guardian - 4/5

The general consensus from reviewers is that even though Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is not a full-fledged title and not nearly as long as last year's Uncharted 4, the gameplay is solid and the story enjoyable. It may feel a bit like Uncharted 4 but that's not a bad thing and for what The Lost Legacy does, it does well. It seems Naughty Dog has proven that the Uncharted series can still survive even without its protagonist of past games, Drake.

Our full review will be completed shortly after release.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, for the PS4 and released on August 22, is a standalone game in the Uncharted series where you play as Chloe. Check back with JulezGaming for more Uncharted: The Lost Legacy news, walkthroughs, guides, and videos.