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Find all your Uncharted: The Lost Legacy walkthroughs, tips, and tricks here with our full Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide.

Welcome to the JulezGaming.com Walkthrough & Guide section for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.  Follow Chloe and Nadine as they battle Asav in their search for treasure.  We will cover all puzzle solutions, collectibles, locations, as Chloe and Nadine search for the Golden Tusk of Ganesh.

Be sure to find all the collectibles including treasure, photos, lockboxes, optional conversations, and Holsaya Token's as you battle across all the chapters of the game.

We will be updating this frequently in the week after release.



Chloe begins her adventure in the marketplace and meets a little girl Meenu.

Chapter 1: The Insurgency

Make your way through the streets in search of the red door from the photo and reunite with Nadine.

Chapter 2: Infiltration

Enter into Asav's Den and escape his deadly soldiers above the rooftops.

Chapter 3: Homecoming

Chloe and Nadine head towards the Hoysala Kingdom in search of the Golden Tusk of Ganesh but first must deal with Asav's men in the jungle.

Chapter 4: The Western Ghats

(coming soon)