Chapter 1
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Follow our Chapter 1 - The Insurgency Guide for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to find all collectibles and treasures.

Pathway Through the Streets

After looking at her phone, Chloe will remark about a Red Door.  Continue down the streets until you come across a group of insurgents interrogating a civilian.  You'll come across a checkpoint where a cutscene occurs.  Chloe will pass the checkpoint and move through the alley and will spot the red door beyond the fence.

Continue down the path until you reach a fence that has a small hole in it to pass through to the other side.

hole in the fence Lost Legacy

Move to the right and you'll find two guards under the lights talking.  Look for cover and wait till they finish talking.  One guard will leave and another will head towards you.  When close, take out the guard.

chapter 1 stealth guards

Sneak towards the other guard, take him out, and head through the small opening.  You should now see the read door.  Head to the door while being quiet not to alert the guards to the left of the door.

chapter 1 red door

Pick open the door before the insurgents come over to you.

insurgency lost legacy pick door

Behind the Red Door

Inside the red door, Chloe will need to be quiet as the place is full of insurgents.  Head up the stairs to the left and wait for the insurgents to pass at the top.  Take out any insurgents you can through stealth.  At the room in the top there is am open window to climb through.

open window rooftop

Crawl along the side of the building and then up the ladder to make your way to the rooftop.  On the other side you'll see a burning city being bombed.

To the left is a ladder to climb up.  Head towards the Pink Lotus neon sign area and jump down the ledge.  A cutscene will trigger and three insurgents will find Chloe on the rooftop.  Take down the three soldiers and Nadine will show up, followed by another fight.

pink lotus nadine cutscene

Time to move on to Chapter 2 - Infiltration.

end of chapter 1 walkthrough


  • TreasureSterling Silver Cigarette Case - Once you get to the roof of the red door house, you will find the treasure on the barrels.