Chapter 3
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Follow our Chapter 3 - Homecoming Guide for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to find all collectibles and treasures.

Into the Jungle

After the cutscene head down the pathway to meet up with Nadine at the car.  A bridge will break and you'll have to find another way around.  To the right of the now broken bridge is ledge you can grapple to.  Climb up and swing to the left to reach the rock ledge.

pipes and neon signs

Climb along the cliffside and up to Nadine who will be waiting for you.  Head to the car and hop in.

[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Chapter 3: Homecoming Walkthrough

Continue down the path as Chloe and Nadine talk.  You will reach an area with flamingos that has a few collectibles (look at guide at the bottom of the page).  Drive into the flamingo area and to the waterfall on the left.  There is a pathway behind it to drive through.

pipes and neon signs

At the end of the pathway, you'll reach a gate.

The Gate

A cutscene will play at the gate.  You'll need to grab a wrench from the car and hook it to the gate in order to bring it down.  But before you can do that, Chloe and Nadine will be ambushed by the insurgency.

pipes and neon signs

Kill off the insurgent soldiers and be sure to check for the collectible using the guide below.  With the insurgency taken care of you can return to the car and pull down the gate.  Once the gate is open, drive through it to continue.

pipes and neon signs

Head down the path along the water until you reach a bridge and cave with bats.  Continue forward until you get the cutscene of Asav.

Going on Offense

After the cutscene, go ahead and ram the insurgents in the water with the car.  You can use propane tanks to create explosions and weapons from the dead insurgents. Don't forget that the car can be used as a ram as well.

Once the area is clear.  You can pick up a couple new weapons from the lockbox that Nadine brings up.  Head to the gate to continue on.

Opening the Gate

Climb up the gate to reach the top and use the giant wheel to open the gate doors.  Nadine will drive the vehicle through the gate and Chloe can drop down the ledge to meet her below.

pipes and neon signs

Jump back into the car to drive on and into Chapter 3.

pipes and neon signs


  • Photo - During the cutscene, they will mention a nice view.  Take a photo of the nice view on the cliff.
  • Photo - Right before you reach the area with the flamingo group, get out of the car to the left and head to the cliffside to take a photo of the flamingos.
  • TreasureGupta Empire Coins - In the same area as the flamingos, look for a rock to the right that creates a ramp.  Behind the rock is the treasure in the water.
  • TreasureSilver Water Jar - After you attach the winch to the door to tear it down, there will be a treasure behind the door, behind a wall.  You will need a grenade to destroy the wall and reach the treasure.
  • TreasureGolden Fish Statuette - After you pull open the gate, there will be a section of waterfalls on the right side as you drive.  Between the two waterfalls is an area of trees.  Look behind the trees to the find the treasure.
  • Photo - You will come across a large enemy encounter in one area.  After killing ALL of the enemies, head to collection of leaves in the water to the left where there will be a photo icon.  You must wait till you have killed all the enemies for this to show up.
  • Lockbox -  In the same large enemy encounter area, look for an enemy truck located in the water in front of a waterfall.  The Lockbox will be in the bed of the truck.
  • TreasureMango Crystal Scent Flask - You will need to open a door for Nadine during the story.  Once you open the door, drop down to the other side and turn around.  The treasure will be to the left side on a stone table.