Chapter 2
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Follow our Chapter 2 - Infiltration Guide for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to find all collectibles and treasures.

Up On the Rooftops

When the Chapter begins, don't forget the first Photo by turning around and checking against the Pink Lotus sign.  Head forward and up the ladder with Nadine by giving her a boost.

Head up, over and across the rooftops until you reach the neon light area.  Jump over to the right and use the ledges and pipe to climb up and over to the signs.  Using the signs you can reach the next building rooftop.

pipes and neon signs

Find a ledge to move across along the building, then climb up to the roof, then jumping onto the neon signs.  Once you get back on the roof, continue till you see a zipline.

first zipline

You'll see a shed and an insurgent on the other side.  Use the zipline and knock out the insurgent.  You'll find the first treasure in the shed here.

first treasure collectible in the shed

In the shed, grab the wooden crate and move it by the doorway so you can climb to the roof of the shed.  Jump to the building in front of you and climb up.

On this roof head towards the neon signs and climb your way up and around them to the other side of the building.  Make your way on the side of the building and up to the roof using the pipe.

On the roof, you'll find a crate to move down to Nadine.  Push it to the right and off the ledge, breaking the ceiling and opening the next area.

second crate to push down to Nadine

Jump down into the hole and use the wooden beam to jump towards the pink room.  Once inside the pink room, make your way through the building until you reach a steel beam.  Climb up the wall and take out the insurgent.

pink room insurgent

On the balcony, hang off the edge and move to the left and then up the wall to get to the second floor balcony.  You will then need to lockpick the door to access Asav's den.

lockpick asav's den

Asav's Den

In the back of the room on a board on the wall, there is an image of tusk.  Look at the image and Nadine will point out a lockbox on the table.

tusk image

Pick the lock and you will get the disc you're looking for.  Insurgents will enter with Asav during a cutscene. 

After Asav's cool entrance, you'll need to run out of the window and jump for it.  You'll need to make your way through the rooftops while avoided the gunfire.

asav entrance insurgents

Once you make your way across the rooftops, you'll drop down for another cutscene.  Follow Nadine until you are forced to fight the insurgents.


Once the insurgents are down, follow Nadine again and make your way across the rooftops and buildings.  The insurgents will fire off bombs and you'll eventually find a zipline to use that will take you down to the river and the end of the chapter.

final zipline


  • Photo - When Chapter 2 begins, turn to the Pink Lotus Sign and take of picture of the people on the street below.
  • TreasureBullet Whistle - When you reach the first zipline, look for the treasure on a ledge to the right.  After climbing the two signs, head straight to a shed.  It will be behind it and you may need to climb the ledge to reach.
  • TreasureMilitary Service Lighter - After the first zipline, head into the lit up shed after taking care of the enemy out front.  Inside on the table will be the treasure.
  • TreasureUtility Spork - In the area where you push down the second crate to Nadine, the treasure is on the crate.  Pull the crate backwards first to have the smaller boxes fall off, then grab the treasure.
  • TreasureTravelling Inkwell - This treasure lies in the purple-lit room after the wooden beam you balance on.  Check the table at the end of the room.
  • TreasureTactical Compass - After Nadine breaks the window, look for the huge window in the next room.  You will find the treasure on the wooden creates.