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Learn the tips and tricks to defeat Fireblight Ganon with our Boss Guide to take down the blight of Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

Fireblight Ganon

First Phase

In this first phase, you will want to get in close against Fireblight Ganon. Underneath is the safest place to be against him or you will be dodging fireballs and sword attacks. Dodge when you need to but keep heading for his underbelly to get him under 50% health. An ice weapon works well in this case, something like a Great Frostblade, Frostblade, or Frostspear.

Second Phase

At this point, Fireblight Ganon will begin to create a large fireball that he will hurl at you. You can counter this with ice arrows if you have them or equip the Remote Bomb Rune and wait for when he begins to absorb the heat and fire around him to create his fireball. Throwing the Remote Bomb while this occurs will cause it to be sucked up into the fireball. Once this happens, detonate the bomb, bringing him down and open to some melee attacks.

Your Reward

After defeating Fireblight Ganon you will receive your traditional heart container as well as talk with Daruk who will give you Daruk's Protection to help protect you from damage while blocking.

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