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Learn the tips and tricks to defeat Thunderblight Ganon with our Boss Guide to take down the scourge of Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Thunderblight Ganon

The main danger with Thunderblight Ganon will be his speed and lightning attacks. His speed can catch you off-guard if you are not careful and his lightning attacks can really deal some damage unless you have some thunder-based defense like the Rubber Tights, Rubber Helm, Rubber Armor.

First Phase

In this first phase, Thunderblight Ganon will switch between shooting lightning orbs and swift weapon attacks. You will want to stay locked-on with your targeting through most of this fight. Also make sure you equip and shield and use either a staff weapon or a one-handed weapon. The orbs will be easy to dodge as they move at a rather pathetic pace.

Thunderblight Ganon

Watch out when he begins to warp close to you. When he does, lock-on, keep your shield up, and get ready to dodge in order to get an attack flurry. Dodging backwards works well right before he is about to swing at you. This will give you a number of hits on him. Continue this pattern until you get him down to around 50% health at which point he will move onto his second phase.

Second Phase

Thunderblight Ganon

The second phase of Thunderblight Ganon will begin with him creating metallic pillars in the ground that he then shoots with lightning, causing damage to you if you are near to them. Equip the Magnesis Rune and use it on one of the metal pillars and bring it up next to Thunderblight Ganon. The pillar will fry him and send him to the ground giving you a chance to get in a some good hits with your weapon. He will continue his attack using a similar technique as the first phase, only this time his attacks will be backed by lightning. The same strategy applies here, only make sure you are using a wooden shield like a Dragonbone Boko Shield. This will allow you to block his attacks without being electrified. Continue using the metallic pillars and dodging/blocking his attacks until he's down for the count.

Your Reward

After defeating Thunderblight Ganon you will receive your traditional heart container as well as talk with Urbosa who will give you the ability to rain down lightning upon your enemies with Urbosa's Fury.

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