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Learn the tips and tricks to defeat Waterblight Ganon with our Boss Guide to take down the blight of Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Waterblight Ganon

First Phase

Waterblight Ganon's main difficulty in the First Phase will be hitting his eye. His attacks will change depending on how close or far you are from him so it is best to stay at a distance and work him with your bow. He will be on the move and his eye is a small target to hit so use your targeting to ease your aim. As he loses health, he will fall to the ground and be open to a close attack at which point you will want to equip your studly high attack weapons and start chopping away. At 50% health, Waterblight Ganon will shift into his second phase.

Second Phase

When Waterblight Ganon hits 50% health he will move into his second phase. The room will change and you will only have four blocks surrounded by water to move on. He will jump to the ceiling and begin his new string of attacks. You will want to move to an adjacent platform and ready the Cryonis Rune. He will still have some spear attacks but you'll mainly begin to be bombarded with ice blocks. Use your Cryonis Rune to break the blocks and keep shooting arrows at him to lower his health.

Well what if I don't have any arrows?? Well you clearly came unprepared but we can help you out anyway. Using Cryonis you can create ice blocks to get closer to Waterblight Ganon. The trick is to be able to break the ice blocks coming at you quickly while on the ice block platform to give you some time to create another platform and jump to it. You are able to get close enough with this method to hit him with a weapon and take him down.

Your Reward

After defeating Waterblight Ganon you will receive your traditional heart container as well as talk with Mipha who will give you the very useful item Mipha's Grace which will revive you when you die a la bottled fairy and provide you with extra hearts.

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