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Learn the tips and tricks to defeat Windblight Ganon with our Boss Guide to take down the blight of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Windblight Ganon

First Phase

Windblight Ganon of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh can be a tough customer. Your main weapon will likely be your bow and a hefty supply of bomb arrows, though any arrows will do. In his first phrase you will want to use the air vents in the ground to take you up into the air. Once in the air, you can target Windblight Ganon's eye with your bow, taking advantage of the slowing of time while you are in the air. A couple of shots will take him down to the ground, at which point you can begin to hit him with your melee weapon for some extra damage.

Second Phase

In his second phase, Windblight Ganon will bring out four homing reflectors that will take his energy and shoot them back at you in the form of eight shots. This can home in on you, so be careful and keep moving while he uses this attack. The same strategy applies as the first phase, as you will want to use the air vents to shoot yourself up into the air and then use your bow and bomb arrows if available to bring him to the ground. If you have enough arrows and a good enough bow, it is possible to beat him without ever getting close to him. The key is to keep moving and not get caught sleeping by the homing shots. Every once in a while, he will create a tornado between you and him. Simply move around it so you can get a clean shot at him, just don't walk into the tornado.

Windblight Ganon 1

Your Reward

After defeating Windblight Ganon you will receive your traditional heart container as well as talk with Revali who will give you Revali's Gale, a key item to help you travel more quickly by allowing you to create your own air updraft where you stand.

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