Dragon Locations
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Find the three dragons of the gods and learn how they can help you in your quest to save Hyrule.

Dragon Locations

You may have seen them at night flying far off on some mountain or hillside. These powerful beasts are from an ancient time and each one serves a particular goddess and Spring in Hyrule. These three springs are located throughout Hyrule and require a single scale from their respective dragon protector to open and reveal a Shrine. In addition to unlocking the power of the Springs, each dragon can be farmed for powerful materials. Shooting a dragon with your bow will knock off a piece from the dragon depending on where you hit them.

  • Body - Scale of Dinraal, Scale of Farrosh, Scale of Naydra
  • Horns - Shard of Dinraal's Horn, Shard of Farrosh's Horn, Shard of Naydra's Horn
  • Claws - Claw of Dinraal, Claw of Farrosh, Claw of Naydra
  • Fangs - Shard of Dinraal's Fang, Scale of Farrosh's Fang, Scale of Naydra's Fang

Each dragon can be gound in general area, as they travel far and across the map. When you find a dragon, small updrafts will begin to appear to allow you to use your Paraglider to fly up closer to the dragon and take a shot at retrieving an item. The dragons will have some sort of elemental protection but the chances of them harming you are small.

Dinraal and the Spring of Power

Dinraal flies in the northern part of the map, usually to the west of Death Mountain in the Eldin Region and through the Tanagar Canyon. Shooting him in the body will give you a Scale of Dinraal which can be used to open the Spring of Power that is located in the Akkala Region to the west of East Akkala Stable. Opening the Spring of Power will unlock the Tutsuwa Nima Shrine.

Farrosh and the Spring of Courage

The dragon Farrosh pops up in a number of places towards to the southern end of the map. You can find him either in the Gerudo Highlands headed east, in Lake Hylia, or in Lake Floria in the Faron Region. Hitting Farrosh with an arrow will give you a Scale of Farrosh that will unlock the Spring of Courage, located southwest of Dueling Peaks below the Popla Foothills. Opening the Spring will reveal the Shae Katha Shrine.

Naydra and the Spring of Widsom

Naydra is a bit different from the other dragons in that you can find her in the same spot, at least initially. Head to the top of Mount Lanayru where you will the Spring of Wisdom. Sitting on top of the Spring will be Naydra, only she has been overcome by Calamity Ganon and needs to be freed. Shooting an eye will send Naydra into the air to the top of the mountain. Head to the top of the mountain and use the updrafts to hit another eye. After being hit again, Naydra will descend down the mountain. Follow her and take out the remaining eyes, freeing Naydra and sending you back to the Spring of Wisdom where you will receive a Scale of Naydra and the ability to unlock the Spring and reveal the Jitan Sa'mi Shrine.

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