Great Fairy Fountains
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Find all four Great Fairy Fountain locations in Hyrule using our Great Fairy Fountain Guide on your way to maxing out your armor.

Great Fairy Fountain

Great Fairy Fountains have been a thing in Zelda games since forever. Finding them will usually grant you some special powers or abilities. In Breath of the Wild, Great Fairy Fountains provide you with the chance to use materials and ingredients to upgrade your armor, giving you higher defense or special enhanced abilites.

Enhance Your Armor

Each time you find one of the four Great Fairies, you will gain the chance to upgrade your armor one level. Finding only one Great Fairy will allow you to upgrade one level, while finding all four will allow you upgrade to the max level. These upgrade cost materials, including some very rare and valuable items.

The Cost

There is a catch - there's always a catch - each Great Fairy will essentially need to be "bribed" with rupees to wake up. Claiming they need the rupees for their power, each Great Fairy will ask for an increasingly higher amount in the order you meet them from 100 Rupees to a whopping 10,000 Rupees.

  • 1st Great Fairy - 100 Rupees
  • 2nd Great Fairy - 500 Rupees
  • 3rd Great Fairy - 1,000 Rupees
  • 4th Great Fairy - 10,000 Rupees

Find the Great Fairy Fountains

Great Fairy Cotera

The Great Fairy Cotera will likely be the very first Great Fairy you encounter as part of the side quest Find the Fairy Fountain in Kakariko Village. First head to the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine in Kakariko Village in the Dueling Peaks region. The Great Fairy Fountain is in the woods to the east.

Great Fairy Fountain Cotera
Great Fairy Fountain Cotera Map Location
Great Fairy Mija

You will find the Great Fairy Mija east of the Akkala Tower in the northeast of Hyrule. To the south of the small circular island in Lake Akkala there is a forest containing the Great Fairy Fountain.

Great Fairy Fountain Mija
Great Fairy Fountain Mija Map Location
Great Fairy Kayasa

The Great Fairy Kayasa is located in the western side of Hyrule, south of the Tabantha Tower or north of the Tena Ko'sah Shrine. There is a plateau between the two with a triangular formation of trees with the Great Fairy Fountain in the center. Flying there with your Paraglider will allow you to drop in over it.

Great Fairy Fountain Kayasa
Great Fairy Fountain Kayasa Map Location
Great Fairy Tera

The final Great Fairy Fountain will take a little bit of a trek as she resides in the far corner of Gerudo Desert. In the southwest corner of the map is a dragon skeleton. Heading southwest from Gerudo Town will take you right to it. Underneath the skeleton you will find the Great Fairy Tera.

Great Fairy Fountain Tera
Great Fairy Fountain Tera Map Location

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