Sheikah Towers
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The Akkala Tower is high and surrounded by an old fortress. Pack your climbing gear because you'll need it for this one. You'll want to approach it from the south and head up the stairway on the west side. Take care of any enemies while avoiding the Guardians. Once you can reach the fortress walls, it's time to start climbing. Once at the top, you'll see an eye in the doorway to shoot. Killing it will release a metal platform you can use Magnesis on to create a platform to the left. Cross the new platform and move it again to create another bridge ahead of you. Make your way around the tower base, kiling the Bokoblins. Once you reach the top where there are stairs leading to the tower itself, look for your metal platform to the side and move it to bridge the gap to the tower. Climbing the tower from there should be straightforward.

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