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Faron Tower is situated in the forests of South Hyrule. The platforms on the side of the tower don't begin till well over halfway up, so you'll need to find a way to reach those platforms. You can make a quick jump from rock ridge to the north of it, which should allow you to reach the platforms easily. If you are looking to try the fancy way, you can attach Octo Balloons to the dark stone walls that surround the tower. Attaching them will usually cause the stones to turn vertical, giving you only the tops to stand on. You can attach the Octo Balloons and then jump to climb as it begins to turn up. Be sure to have 5-6 Octo Balloons in your inventory as you'll need to attach a new one before currently placed balloons pop. Keep cycling new balloons to replace the old ones until you feel you can make the jump to a platform and climb up.

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