Shrine Quests
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  • Location: Puffer Beach
  • Quest Giver: Loone

You come across Loone on Puffer Beach in the south of Hyrule. The stone next to her clearly goes to the puzzle hole near her but she's seems strangely enthralled by the ancient stone, or Roscoe as she calls it.

Upon speaking to her, she tells you that she won't give up the stone unless she can see images of three different types of Guardians: Guardian Skywatcher, Guardian Scout, and Guardian Stalker. Using your camera, you must take a snapspot of each enemy and bring them back to her. You will encounter Guardian Scouts in any number of Shrines, including the Tests of Strength. You can find Guardian Stalkers around Hyrule Castle and Guardian Skywatchers near the Castle as well or at Akkala Tower if you have unlocked it. Once you have the three images, speak to Loone again. After seeing all three types she will ask for the Skiekah Stone, and you will tell her to take hike.

She'll then give you Roscoe to use as you please. Simply take the stone over to the puzzle to reveal the Shoqa Tatone Shrine.

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