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Learn how to solve the Bosh Kala Shrine Trial "The Wind Guides You" of the Dueling Peaks region in Breath of the Wild and earn a Spirit Orb from the monk Bosh Kala.

Breath of the Wild Bosh Kala Shrine

The Bosh Kala Shrine is can be found in the Dueling Peaks region and using our map below.  You will be using your likely new Paraglider to ride wind channels, a very useful trick that you will encounter throughout your playthrough.  Bosh Kala also has two Shrine Chests to unlock.

Breath of the Wild Bosh Kala Shrine Map

Treasure Chest: Traveler's Spear, Amber

Keh Namut Shrine Walkthrough

Use the wind channel to the left to paraglide across to the Shrine Chest on the right for a piece of Amber

paraglide across the gap

Continue ahead and to the left side of the room for another wind channel that will propel you across the gap to the next platform.

Left side room wind channel

In the next room, there is another Shrine Chest to the right end of the room. You'll need to use the wind channel to sends you to the end of the Shrine and then head towards to chest near the end of the wind channel.

Shrine Chest

Head down and up the stairs, using the same wind channel again to reach the end and another Spirit Orb

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to open your Paraglider as soon as you jump in order to get the best distance.
  • The second Shrine Chest can be tricky. The key is to ride the wind channel long enough to keep your elevation.
  • With the right armor, you can see the wind physics working, especially wearing Cap of the Wild.

You have now completed the Keh Namut Shrine so go ahead and speak with the monk Keh Namut and receive another Spirit Orb.

Dueling Peaks Shrines

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