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Namika Ozz Shrine
A Modest Test of Strength
Central Hyrule
2 Easy
  1. The Namika Ozz Shrine is one of many "Tests of Strength" throughout Hyrule where you are tasked with defeating a Guardian Scout of varying levels.
  2. Being a "Modest" test, this one ups the anty a bit. The Scout has more hit points (1500) than the Minor tests so you will need some more firepower to defeat it. Dodge the Scout's attack to gain a flurry. If it steps back and looks to start a cyclone attack, head behind a stone pillar that will stop it in its tracks and start beating on it.
  3. It will occasionally shoot at you but these can be dodged. If it begins swirling its laser around, back off and wait till you see an updraft. Use the updraft with your Paraglider to attack it from above.
  4. When its health gets low, the Scout will lock down in place and raise its head to begin to charge its laser that will mostly kill you in one shot. Once it gets to this point, either hide behind stone pillars until you get a clear shot, or go all out and whack away at before it gets a shot off.
  • Using a two-handed weapon like the Edge of Duality can help. Charge up your spin attack and move around the Scout as you unload some nasty hits.
  • Once it starts to charge its laser, unless you have a Guardian Shield handy, you'll need to hide fast or go Mike Tyson on it. It will get off two shots, so even if you dodge the first one, you'll have to deal with the second one so the stone pillars won't last you long.
  • Ice attacks can help if you have Ice Arrows.
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