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Ree Dahee Shrine
Timing is Critical
Great Plateau
2 Easy
  1. When you enter, hit the button on the floor to tilt the platform ahead of you, causing the stone to roll down into the hole.
  2. Use the moving platform and hit the next switch on the floor. Come off the switch before the ball rolls off the top platform in order to keep it from falling all the way off. Once within the hole, the platform will be ready for you to ride it to the next station
  3. This one will take a little timing. Step on the switch and jump off of it when the stone is about to pass the path leading up to the end of the shrine. This will cause the stone to jump into the hole.
  4. To get the Shrine Chest, step on the switch again and wait for the platform to come back. Once the platform is back, wait a few seconds and use the Stasis Rune on the switch causing the platform to freeze. Ride the moving platform over to the tilted platform and head up to the chest before the Stasis wears off.
  • The Ree Dahee Shrine really shows off the physics within Breath of the Wild as well as the awesome mechanic of Stasis.
  • This is an important Shrine to hit early because of the Climber's Bandana, which will help give you a small climbing speed boost early in the game.
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