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Rota Ooh Shrine
Passing of the Gates
Central Hyrule
2 Easy
  1. Hit the switch to the right to flip the mechanism, revealing a small round stone.
  2. Grab the stone, take it near the entrance, and hit the switch again to flip the mechanism back.
  3. Pick up the stone again and throw it into the pocket to the right of the mechanism.
  4. Hit the switch again to flip the stone into the puzzle hole. This will cause a platform to begin rising up and down.
  5. From the back of the room, hit the switch again to flip the mechanism, which will reveal a waterway leading to a Small Key. You can use the Cryonis Rune to help you reach the key.
  6. With the key in hand, head back to the start of the shrine. Open the door with the small key and hit the switch to move the open doorway to the top.
  7. Use the lifting platform to shoot you into the air, then use the bullet time...(arrow time?) to shoot the switch again, flipping the mechanism back.
  8. When you land, you'll see a chest to the side you can use Magnesis on to move over to you and open for a Feathered Edge. Then head to the Shrine end.
  • You can also hit the chest with the Small Key with fire to burn it away, then use Magnesis to grab the key.
  • Enjoy that sweet, sweet arrow (bullet?) time
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