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Learn how to solve the Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine Trial "Ta'Loh Naeg's Teaching" of the Dueling Peaks region in Breath of the Wild and earn a Spirit Orb.

Breath of the Wild Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine

The Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine is can be found in the Dueling Peaks region and using our map below.  This is a glorified tutorial that will teach you how to dodge attacks, flurry, and use your shield. Follow the directions and you'll be fine.

Breath of the Wild Bosh Kala Shrine Map

Treasure Chest: Eightfold Blade, Shield of the Mind's Eye, Opal

Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine Walkthrough

The Shrine is located around Kakariko Village and will likely be one of the early shrines you visit if you are following the main story.  Being an early shrine, it is setup as a sort of tutorial to show you some combat tactics and how to block, parry, and flurry.

blocking and flurry

Timing is the key for combat.  You want to dodge right when an enemy attacks and in a direction that will dodge the attack.  Guardian Scouts use a variety of horizontal and vertical attacks that allow you to dodge backwards or to the sides.  In addition to dodging, you can also block with your shield and parry an attack if you time it right.  Different tactics work for different enemies and you will learn what works best. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Luckily, Ta'loh Naeg doesn't mind a few freebies, so be sure to remember to grab the two chests to the left and right of the entrance.
  • You'll also gain some Guardian gear which can help you see in the dark...or pretend you're a Hyrulean Jedi

You have now completed the Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine so go ahead and speak with the monk Ta'Loh Naeg and receive another Spirit Orb.

Dueling Peaks Shrines

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